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We are looking for people who have anything interesting or unusual to sell or promote.   PLEASE NOTE: all food vendors must now apply to Norfolk county to be a part of any festival in Norfolk.

Musicians, Bands, Entertainers - if you are interested in performing on the Stage that is located at the corner of Main St and Church St, you need to fill out an application form and contact Dianne Clark.  Info on the application.   The itinerary for the stage is usually complete by May of each year - so apply early as Dianne is contacting bands to hear them in January of each year.

2009 Information Update for the Stage:  Delhi Harvest Festival is a non-profit volunteer organization that seeks sponsors for the stage.  Unfortunately due to economics the budget for the stage is cut, so we are looking for entertainers who are willing to give of their time and talent to perform.  We apologize for anyone who was looking for stardom and the hopes of a great payment from our stage, we can't offer either but we can offer you a time in the lime light if only for a moment in time.